8 Ways To Stage Your Home For The Ultimate Viewing Experience

8 Ways To Stage Your Home For The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Staging your home for photos and viewings is something simple and easy to do, but it could be the very reason you receive an offer. Whilst people are looking for a home that they can put their own stamp on, it is always beneficial to see the property looking stunning in the first instance. In our current climate, buyers are (rightly so) choosing whether or not to view a property based on its pictures. With that in mind, we have eight tips to help draw the right buyer to your home, and let them see for themselves how your property could tick all their boxes!

1. First Impressions

They say first impressions matter, and selling your home is a great time to take this into consideration. Look at your home from the street and imagine what a potential buyer sees? If you have the time it's a great idea to tidy up your garden and/or driveway, trim plants, weed paths, and give your door and window frames a wipe. If you can, perhaps move your bins and car prior to the viewing, leaving your property looking picturesque! Think to yourself, what would I like to see on a viewing?

2. Light is your friend

Dark rooms do not show your home in the best light however, the sun is not always your friend on a viewing! Opt for stronger light bulbs in those rooms that you know miss out on the sun's rays. Lighter, brighter rooms are viewed as more spacious, which can really capture a buyer's attention. To make rooms appear larger, consider hanging a mirror to reflect the sunlight, and make sure to open any blinds before viewings.

3. Creating space

Trying to keep your home to your taste, whilst letting buyers imagine their own belongings in the space, can be a delicate balance. The best way to navigate this is to put away anything that you don’t immediately need to use. You can simply tidy away any excessive decorations, etc into a few storage boxes and put them in the loft or garage. Better yet, consider this a step towards your inevitable move and wrap/pack them away properly.

4. The heart of your home

We all know that the kitchen is often the heart of the home, perfect for entertaining and family time. With this in mind, it won't be surprising to know that the kitchen is a room that can make or break a property for potential buyers. Kitchens are rife for gathering utensils, appliances, and everything else! Take some time to clear your work surfaces, including any food prep machines and allocate to a cupboard for viewings. Many conversations with buyers happen in the kitchen, so this should be the room to get right!

5. Good scents

Buying a home is an emotional decision, as such we want to entice buyers with all their senses. A few well placed room fresheners are such a simple thing to do but can work wonders during viewings. Consider what would make a house feel like a home to you, whether it's freshly brewed coffee, cookies, fresh flowers, or even a cool linen smell, and strategically place these around your home. If your home is located near a loud or busy road, another great tip is to have classic music playing on a low volume for when you have viewings.

6. A fresh coat

If some places could benefit from a lick of paint, consider doing this if you can. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a room, highlighting its assets to a buyer. A good rule of thumb is to stick to neutral tones, as these make it easier for a viewer to imagine how they could decorate the space. B&Q and Screwfix offer a safe click and collect service if you need to top up on some painting supplies.

7. Think ahead

Whilst a dog may be a man’s best friend they are not ideal when trying to view a home. When you make the decision to sell your home, start having conversations with friends and/or family to see if someone can look after your dogs during viewings. It would be a massive shame to have to decline viewings as your dogs are in the house!

8. DIY

You will be aware of any little maintenance jobs that need doing, a dripping tap you always planned on getting around to, or even a broken roof tile. Now is the time to get them fixed! Houses that have been well maintained and loved will always appeal to potential buyers, and they are usually quick fixes for the owners. For you these could just be part of a small snagging list, but for a buyer it could be the difference between picturing themselves in your home or not.

Follow these simple tips and you can feel confident in choosing to sell your property. If you are ready to start the selling process, reach out to Wellington Evans (contact us link) and see how we can help you! From marketing advice, finding the right buyer, and locating your dream home, we are there to help you every step of the way!

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