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Selling your home

Selling your home

As a home owner, your emotional attachment to the dreams and aspirations of achieving your goal to move is unique.

We will join you on your journey to move. Not merely as estate agents, but as navigators forging your path on your quest – a dynamic duo embarking on the adventure with you.

Home for sale

Your home buyer

The new owner of your home is important to you and us. Our relationship with them and their own journey will ensure that they are the perfect ‘fit’ for your home.

After all, they will be moving in to your home, providing you with the pathway to move forward.

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“Our clients have provided us with our experience. We have learnt from them every step of the way.

And that’s why we believe that our own unique methods have lead us to be Estate Agents like no other.”

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Nick Wellington Estate Agent, Hitchin
Nick Wellington Estate Agent, Hitchin Your property market navigator

It’s important for James and I to understand why you are selling your home and what you want to achieve from the sale. Everyone is different, you may be; upsizing, pursuing a lifestyle change, relocating for employment, or downsizing for retirement.

We understand that navigating the entire sales process should be a comfortable, stress-free, and worry-free experience for you.

However, complications may arise from house sale chains and varying buyer expectations, creating unexpected hurdles. Our role is to navigate you through these challenges and advise you on our strategy to achieve your goal.

While James and I aren’t spring chickens (photos don’t lie, at least not too much), we bring a wealth of experience to the table. The partnership that we form to sell your home taps into this extensive knowledge, making a significant impact. We can honestly say that due to experience alone, we have successfully sold a higher percentage of properties at a higher price compared to any other local agent.

James Evans Estate Agent, Hitchin
James Evans Estate Agent, Hitchin Your property market navigator

The ‘price’ of your home holds a unique value, specific to both your property features and the current market dynamics. We are honest with you from day one… right through to exchange, and beyond. This process leads to achieving the sale price at the ‘value’ that we place on your home.

We absolutely love it when we exceed the original value placed on your home. Under favourable market conditions, Nick and I are able to frequently make this a reality.

The key to a successful home sale lies in the relationship you build with both Nick and I. We ask you to place your trust in us, allowing us to provide honest guidance every step of the way. Trust is earned, not freely given, which is why we offer a 2-week rolling agreement.

Your agreement is a legal signed contract. It acknowledges the substantial time and financial investments we make at the outset of your home-selling journey.

And, to further enhance our 2-week agreement, for many clients, we offer a ‘select your fee’ agreement, not before we start, but after we successfully sell your home. You get to fairly judge the effectiveness of our sales process!

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14 Day Contract

“It’s so important to find out how much your home is really worth. If you are considering selling your home, Nick or I would be delighted to offer you an accurate valuation and an update on current market conditions. Simply enter a few brief details and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit you.”

James Evans, our Estate Agent in Hitchin