Your easy guide to changing estate agents

Your easy guide to changing estate agents

In an ideal world, selling your home is a smooth journey from start to finish. You find an agent that feels like a good fit, list your property, and sell in the timeframe that suits you and for the best price. Sadly, this is not always possible. There are many reasons why expectations are not met. If you feel it is time to change estate agents, we have put together this simple guide to help.

Check your terms

The first step is to have a look at your contract and see what the terms specify. Most estate agency contracts will state ‘sole selling’, meaning you cannot instruct another agent to help sell your property. Your terms will also highlight at which point you can give notice, so take a look at this and see how many weeks (if any) you have left before you can give notice.

Talk it out

Take this time to have a frank conversation with your estate agent. They may not realise you are unhappy or might be able to offer some solid plans going forward. A good agent should be having regular reviews with you, we would suggest at least once a fortnight, this will allow a discussion on how to proceed with your sale, whether it’s taking new photographs, rethinking your price, or relaunching after a break.

Work it out

Once you have given notice, you will be eager to decide upon a new estate agent. Before choosing your next agent, take some time to determine what did and didn’t work well. This will give you a fantastic starting point for forthcoming conversations with other estate agents. Perhaps you didn’t get as many viewings as you would like, ask any potential estate agents how they would solve this issue!

Be Honest

Shortlist the estate agents you want to speak with and arrange meetings with them. Be honest with your experience and what has (or hasn’t) worked so far. This information can help your new estate agent make some informed suggestions about marketing your property.

Finding the right fit

A good estate agent will be asking you questions about your property, what you’ve done so far, and be able to offer some tangible advice. Ask yourself if this is someone you would happily talk to for months to come and trust with the sale of your property. Are they knowledgeable about your property type or your area? For more questions you should be asking, see our 8 questions here.

Selling your home is the next step in your adventure, so you want it to be as stress-free as possible. We believe it can and pride ourselves on making it as easy for you as possible whilst creating an open, honest line of communication. To see if Wellington Evans could be the right for you get in contact.

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